After bringing the whole house down at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Friday night for his Boy Meets World tour, Billboard Hot 100 regular, Drake, stopped by Culture Kings at Pacific Fair, Gold Coast yesterday for some after-hours shopping. As told by CK, he spent $7,000 on brands like Carre, Goat Crew, Nike and my personal favourite, Champion.

In true classic Culture Kings style with most of the visiting rappers, Drake took a crack at the CK Holy Grails skill tester, scoring himself a one-of-one Culture King G-Shock collab. It was one of those key-based skill testers and let me tell you that sh*t isn’t easy.

To add to his video recordings of his basketball games (as told by Ninja of Die Antwoord), Drake took a few shots at the in-store Sharp Shooter court and finished the visit taking photos together with some of the Culture Kings staff.