Within the Brisbane CBD catchment and amongst a sea of fast fashion houses, you can count the number of niche streetwear boutiques with a pair of hands. So without a doubt, we were excited when we first caught wind of a new store popping up. It’s exciting because it’s a shop with an interesting concept in mind and a peculiar mindset towards youth culture. This boutique’s name – Contra.


Contra is started by a man who spent many years working at our local sneaker boutique, Laced. So he knows his shoes, but he also knows a lot about streetwear. In fact, he’s a walking encyclopaedia of fashion and a great guy to chat with about it. A man who is willing to tell you what he knows and not be afraid to tell you what he doesn’t know. He’ll tell you exactly how it is. Some of you may know him as Matt.


The first time we stopped by the shop, the immediate vibe given was a contemporary driven persona. I don’t even know how to describe it myself. But it felt as if everything at Contra served a purpose, building the shop’s forward-thinking persona and take on today’s youth culture.


What makes Contra stand out to us is that they back every single product on their shelves and racks. Their exclusive items such as Lou Dalton, Soulland, Gasius, Liquiproof and Etudes speaks for themselves. You will know when you try on their clothing or when you read the magazines they have on offer. It’s all to do with their choice in quality pieces, so you’ll know everything you pick up will be dope.


We think it’s great that Contra happened! Many people in today’s “sub-culture” are blinded by the spectacle of streetwear fashion we see on social media and never understood real quality. We think education is vital, and so does Matt! Drop by Contra and have a browse. They are always up for a good chat on just about anything and offer some excellent outfit suggestions.


Shop 6, Level 1
144 Adelaide Street
QLD, 4000