About That store is a heaven for sneakerheads and serial thrifters, stocking streetwear like Tommy Hilfiger and Supreme, as well as vintage sneakers and other cool collectables. It’s a place where fans of the sneaker and streetwear subculture can meet up, share like-minded conversations and listen to dope beats. A place that brings the community closer together.

I recently drove out to the South East burbs of Melbourne to catch up with Tom and Heath from the About That store in Ormond. The pair, who first met at the Sneaker Freaker Swap Meet some years back, are now the best of friends and co-owners of the buy/sell/trade nest.

About That Store

About That Store

Describe ‘About That’ store in 3 words

Nostalgia, community, culture.

What inspired you guys to start up the ‘About That’ shop?

Before opening About That, we noticed a hole in Melbourne’s sneaker and streetwear scene. While the online community was booming, Australian retailers were trailing. There is now a void in the local, small businesses scene, especially for streetwear and as a result, we decided it was only right to bring to the locals a streetwear store. After many years and of course, with the advent of Round Two, we saw what it meant to the subculture — we knew this is what Melbourne needed.

Was ‘About That’ a dream you shared?

Definitely. Heath’s involvement in the vintage/thrifting scene and Tom in similar businesses and other avenues regarding sneakers/streetwear lead to it. As a collective, we have always dreamed of opening our very own store.

You guys obviously spend a lot of time together. How did you meet? Would you say ‘About That’ has brought you guys even closer?

Heath and I met at the Sneaker Freaker Swap Meet some years back. After a chat, we realised we had similar interests and wanted to bring the same things to Melbourne. The rest is history. About That store is a family; it’s not just coming to work and then going home. We all share a passion and are motivated to bring bigger and better things to Australia.

Looking back, we only met because I sold Heath a pair of ACG samples at the swap meet; now we are practically brothers.

About That Store

About That Store

Where do you think Australia is heading regarding streetwear?

Historically, Australia has followed almost all trends from the US in streetwear and although the Australian style has gone overseas (OG Coogi, etc.), we are suckers for wanting to look like American guys.

However, this scene is slowly drifting off, as other countries and cultures begin to influence our style. Particularly in 2016, we have seen how the European styling, expressly from the UK, can change how we dress. In the short term, we think Australia will continue to develop and grow its own style in streetwear, and in turn, the scene as a whole will grow while niche markets will fall, brands change and styles flip.

About That store hopes to show Melbourne all of these styles, from New York to London to Seoul. We want a reflection of all styles of streetwear so people can not only buy but also learn where they came from and what history surrounds these pieces. Regarding sneakers, we have seen shoes like the Stan Smith and Cortez become a staple in every sneakerhead’s collection. We also predict more basic silhouettes will release and will retro.

About That Store

About That Store

Your website is about to launch, and we’re all very excited to see it. Tell the readers what we may find on there?

The website is going to change the vintage scene in Australia altogether. Not only will you find OG and vintage goods, but we will also continue to sell rare sneakers, collectables and more. The website will also hold a separate stock to that in store, it will be a great addition to About That for the regular customers and those who can’t always make it in person.

About That Store

493 North Road, Ormond
Vic 3204

Open 7 days

www.aboutthatstore.com (Coming soon.)