Strollin’ through Brisbane City with Grace Cuizon we embarked on a DK photoshoot did a few shots with her rocking the latest tees to make it to our store. We kept the first part of the shoot indoors since the gloomy day didn’t look so inviting. But after a dismal cloudy afternoon in the sunshine state, the grey sky started to part ways. And at the end of the day, we were gifted with a surreal sunset that turned out to work in our favour.

First, we see her with the ‘Dopekoto x Kickzstand IMTJS’ black tee that pays homage to a familiar brand we all know and our ‘OG White’ tee with the logos switched up and placed to let em know you are representin’.

Make sure to grab one, or two, or three over at our online shop before they’re scarce. And check out the BTS video below!