If you’ve seen paintings in the past of a chromed out biomechanoid robot that looks like a pin-up lady from the future, or a really hot female version of Daft Punk, it would have most likely been from none other than Hajime Sorayama. The OG Gorilla brand XLARGE and the godfather of airbrush artistry Mr Sorayama have come together to release new pieces to add to the archive of awesome collabs.

In this capsule, we see the artist’s technique depicted throughout the logo and gorilla on some tees, hoodies and coach jackets. If gorillas aren’t your thing though, the latter half of the collection bears his original sexy robot artwork wearing an XLARGE top. That’s amazing!

This is all set to release this November 18, but you can pre-order now at ZOZOTOWN and calif. If you find yourself in Harajuku and reserve a piece from there you can also receive a limited edition poster with your purchase!