What better way to finish their 25th-year celebrations than to release some XLARGE ‘OG’ prints. And when we mean ‘OG’ we don’t just mean Original Gangster, we mean ‘Original Gorilla’ — a slang term which used to exist in Los Feliz, California from 1991 till 2013; the same place where XLARGE opened their very first shop.

This season’s designs draws inspiration from Eli Bonerz, Adam Silverman and Mike D’s (Beastie Boys) love for ’60s sci-fi flicks and functional design by updating traditional pieces with a contemporary approach. Adding to this design cue, their Fall/Winter 2016 collection aptly pays homage to the comical era of streetwear when it was once about “humour, individuality and imagination”.

Check out just how ‘OG’ XLARGE is in the video below!