As Summer comes to an end in the Northern Hemisphere, LA’s CLSC shifts their focus and steers in the right direction. Moving away from their usual graphic T-shirts, CLSC directs attention to their cut-and-sew offering for the new season.

In this collection, the fourteen-ounce french terry scattered polka dot sweats, and the water-resistant ‘Movement’ windbreaker are must-haves for the Fall season of 2016. CLSC have done well to prove they are much more than just a graphics-on-tees brand — especially with the emergence of their often overlooked cut-and-sew ability since 2014.

The collection will release this Friday, July 22nd (US time), on the CLSC online store, CLSC LA Fairfax, and at select retailers around the world. If you’re digging the CLSC pieces, check out some of the other ones over at Saint Side!