Winter has been particularly cold this year in the south (it has), but it’s not been an issue if you’ve been keeping toasty (better than snug i think) with recent drops from the Saint Side familia out at North West Melbourne. The latest collection brings hoodies, tees and long sleeves to the table. Each piece maintains nostalgic character but the print has that signature Saint Side feel to keep it fresh at the same time.

In this season, pullover hoodies pay homage to the ’90s streetwear scene. One in particular pays tribute to the Vietnamese community of St. Albans, acknowledging the importance of the brand’s roots. Also in the collection are clean rose motifs from this year’s anniversary and monogram print hoodies, complete with murdered out logo tees to show ’em where yo hood at.

If you haven’t peeped the rest of the collection yet, have a look and feel in-store at either the St. Albans or Melbourne CBD shop. Alternatively you can check it out online. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases, as new staples are progressively released over the next few weeks.