With the Winter chills already enveloping us, majority of Australia are opting for warmer clothing. It’s weird (or not), we’ve always looked forward to the colder seasons at DopeKoto. Largely owing to the fact that we can wear some of our favourite outerwear. And also being granted the excuse to shop for something more than just tees and shorts.

Here’s where Geedup comes in, supplying the goods to keep us warm and looking sharp while we continue doing what we do. Dubbed as the ‘Divergence’, their Winter collection takes on a different styling to their ‘Concrete Jungle’ collection last year.

This year’s seasonal collection features a selection of crewnecks, hoodies and long sleeve tops. The highlight of the collection however, is their long-awaited MA1 Bomber Jacket. Since the inception of the brand, the Geedup boys have longed for a bomber jacket to join their Winter lineup. It just never seemed to make the cut — until now.

As opposed to using the typical linen or polyester flight tag, Geedup has opted for gold logo tags at the zip sliders, adding their own spin to the iconic bomber jacket. Together with the barrage of embroidered logos, this MA1 is a must-have for any supporter of the Geedup family.

Pick up some new Winter gear NOW at Geedup’s Darlinghurst and Parramatta stores, or via their online shop.