In Brisbane we find ourselves at that time of the year where it’s neither freezing cold or uncomfortably warm. Quite frequently, I find myself waking up in a dilemma during these times. Struck by indecision in this balmy weather, I struggle to quickly decide what I should wear to best suit this weather. Do I rock the heavy-cotton hoodie that’s packed away in the corner, or do I simply rock a long sleeve tee?

Fortunately for us all, our friends at Geedup Co. have got got this situation covered and have something for both cases – no matter which way you end up going.

Being the last city in Australia to transition to a relatively crispy winter, their latest collection features some Autumn-essential pieces to help you during this seasonal shift.

Worried about a bit of chill but don’t want to feel like you’re in a steambath? Their ‘Autumnatic 2016’ lightweight spray jacket is weightless enough to not feel suffocated but will keep the breeze off you to ensure a comfortable day ahead.

And if you decide to go for the tees, their midweight cotton blend ensures breathability without making you feel bleak from the cooler breeze. Combined together with some original graphics designed by the good lads of Geedup, what’s not to like about them?

A few weeks ago, the guys also sent us a few articles of their latest collection. So naturally we took the opportunity to tee up a shoot on the outskirts of Brisbane and at the bayside; with Grace Cuizon and Erik Sanders, and made a day out of it with the squad.

Louie and I have been keen on shooting streetwear pieces along the coastline for some time, mostly due to the fact people immediately associate urban clothing with the concrete jungle. Truth be told, the urban environment has also been so played out and we’re always up for something different. After all, we’re in Brisbane, so we may as well take advantage of our beaches too!

We send full commiserations to our brothers and sisters in the southern states who are currently experiencing the coldest temperatures recorded so far this year. So why not head into the Sydney store and cop yourself some of their warmer pieces!

Geedup is giving DopeKoto readers a 5% discount on their entire order for this special occasion. Simply enter GEEDUPCOAW16 at checkout to receive this special offer!

Models: Erik Sanders, Grace Cuizon
Production: DopeKoto
Main Photographer: Jacob Pedersen
Editor: Ray Rei
Location: Manly, QLD
Date: May 2016