Do you remember a time past when streetwear didn’t take itself too seriously? When dope pieces of clothing were on point because they just were; rather than being labelled as hype, lit, or whatever Kanye was wearing. Fortunately there’s of course plenty of kick still left in the scene and the talented people behind Gasius are bringing the fun back with graphic tees like no other. Gasius revives nostalgic references from yesteryear with a humorous and tongue-in-cheek approach that pokes at the fashion scene of this era — a breath of phresh air that is welcomed in a generation that many would argue has become too commercially driven.

The UK clothing label has gained a cult following and has finally found itself on Australian shores for the first time at Brisbane’s very own CONTRA. Coming through with their latest ‘Gasius Shport’ collection, drawing design cues from sportswear your grandad jammed in — Gasius this season supplies us with black and white premium cotton tees that are far from your average run-of-the-mill. It’s not often you come by tees with comical neck labels and puff-printed pieces. And not to mention holographic prints that bring you back to the time where anything holographic was the bizness.

Check out the full range online, or drop by and say hi to the boys at CONTRA!