Last Thursday we went into Brisbane’s Bakery Lane for an exclusive media preview of Model Citizen’s upcoming season collection. The night was a great turnout, bumping heads with familiar faces and making new acquaintances in the ever growing fashion scene of this river city. We got a first-hand look at the new jackets and outerwear being showcased on the night, ahead of their catwalk at Australia’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week which began last Sunday.  

The new collection revealed a division of two distinct design cues within the assortment of pieces presented. One style, familiar to the Model Citizen brand, utilises segments of an athletic silhouette. And the other steering towards a more formal direction, while staying true to their tailored and relaxed design methodology. What divides these styles even more is a new fabric blend of rayon and cotton found in the sportier silhouette, whilst the renowned neoprene we’ve seen in the previous collection used for the latter.

While being deeply engaged in a conversation with founder and creative director, Eeshaal Niranjan, it was great to hear production will soon be based in Australia — exposing the nation and Model Citizen on the luxury streetwear map.

You can expect to see more release info and the collection’s official release date in the coming months, so stay tuned!