Japanese labels are well known to adopt the Americana style in their streetwear, however Sassafras, named after a species of trees commonly found in North America and Asia, takes it to another level by creating heavy duty and functional clothing specifically for gardening (it sounds whack I know). This niche streetwear label started in 2004 and has since made clean quality aesthetics with functional durability in mind.

Each piece of Sassafras’ is meticulously hand-crafted in Japan with a high level of attention to detail. We all know this fact and so does Up There who have chosen to use Japanese craftsmanship in their latest ‘Premier’ collection. This season in the Sassafras wardrobe, we see a vast range of mid-layer pieces packed with extensive use of pockets for the “gardening tools”. The collection features several classic flannels, Bud Breaker quilted jackets and heavy cotton Sprayer Pants.

So if you’re planning to do some gardening but the ‘girl next door’ is peeping, you may want to take a look at the rest of the collection and maybe purchase a few at END Clothing.