Some of you may have heard of Loot Crate, a subscription-based service providing monthly novelty toys and gear for gamers and geeks around the world which blew up in 2012. Now imagine if sneakerheads received treats much in the same way? Well the team at Grailcrate have done just that. With the first delivery sent in January, I couldn’t resist on getting my hands on a box to see what it’s all about. But before I get into it, let’s do a quick rundown on the Grailcrate service.

So it’s a subscription service which provides shirts, sneaker cleaners, laces and accessories. Okay cool, but what’s really rad about it is that it’s themed. Drawing design cues from a featured sneaker every month, subscribers will be surprised with gifts carefully curated based on the silhouette, colourway, brand or philosophy behind the kicks.

Additionally, once every two months one lucky subscriber of Grailcrate will get a chance to win a pair of rare, sought-after sneakers. This is considerably lucrative and it will be interesting to see how this will play out for the Grailcrate team, delivering a pair of ‘Grails’ bimonthly.


What’s in the box?

Enough of the features, let’s get into the goodies I got from last month’s box. January’s feature shoe was the SNEAKER FREAKER x Puma ‘Shark Bait’ Blaze of Glory, so needless to say the pieces in the box were turquoise-influenced.


Pro & Hop Air Freshener

This January Grailcrate came with a Pro & Hop 2Pac pineapple-scented air freshener, the alternative to ‘Hanging With The Homies’. Pretty self-explanatory on the product, I can hang it in my car or in my bathroom, simple.  Not only do I have to look fresh, the environment I spend the most time in should smell it too.

Reshoevn8r Sneaker Wipes

I also received a pack of 12 sneaker wipes from US-based Reshoevn8r. These come in handy during emergency situations, especially if my midsoles manage to pick up dirt at a mate’s barbecue. Reshoevn8r wipes are good for leather, plastic, vinyl, and “ruber” (as quoted from the back of the packaging) surfaces but don’t attempt to use them on suede or lightly-coloured nubuck though.

Authority Clothing T-Shirt

January’s Grailcrate came with an aqua ‘Pistonhead Lager x Beach Burrito Co’ T-shirt from Australian-based Authority Clothing. Authority Clothing sources locations for wall art projects and sorts out the logistics for local artists such as Kentaro Yoshida, who designed the collaboration’s art on the shirt. From these mural pieces, Authority Clothing translate the art on to 180gsm quality cotton shirts and help artists get their work recognised.

Check out the video below of Kentaro Yoshida painting the ‘Pistonhead Lager x Beach Burrito Co’ T-shirt.

LaceSpace Flat Laces

Now we’re all familiar with LaceSpace, but if you haven’t heard of them before, they are a cool bunch of homies who provide top quality service and rad-looking laces. It’s no wonder Grailcrate have worked together with LaceSpace. Paired together with the T-shirt, these laces worked very well to match the turquoise theme and coincidently with my Asics Gel-Respectors.


Final Thoughts

Although $55/month (on the month-to-month plan) seems a bit steep on first sight, you actually make your money’s worth on the item values in the Grailcrate. It’s always good to treat yourself every month with a bit of a surprise element added to it.  Life is too short to be routine, write that down!

I will add though that the box didn’t come sealed and was just left at the front gate. I guess it was so that subscribers can keep the boxes for later use. Perhaps a double box in the future just like sending sneakers?

The bimonthly grail makes it that much better, especially when it’s just starting. Do the math, the lesser subscribers now the higher the chance of winning, so what are you waiting for?

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