Straight outta New Zealand, comes an ambitious fashion designer of only 19 working his way into the fashion game.  His name? Jordan Holliday.  I managed to get a moment with Jordan to talk about him as an artist and where his motivation comes from.

What got you into designing, specifically menswear and streetwear?

To be quite honest, I was just over everyone dressing in the same old sh*t.  I’ve always been an early adopter with fashion, so then I decided I didn’t want people to adopt whatever I was wearing at the time unless it was something I had created. That’s when I created JRDN.  After JRDN I was like “Ahh I don’t even want to be a brand”.  I didn’t suit being a brand in all honesty, I just wanted to create wild sh*t people would be scared to wear.  That was basically when I transitioned from brand to designer and just left it as my full name of Jordan Holliday. I’ve pushed hard into the unisex and high-end streetwear or just high-end clothing in general but I have some cool wearable collections on the way so keep a look out for that.

Name 3 people who inspire you and why?

Raf Simons, purely because he can create the most wild sh*t that’s bright, colourful and wearable at the same time.  Also how he can make it look good and I don’t think there is much or even any designers around like him that can come close to what he does with the colours he uses etc.

Bazar 14, because the designer Aaron Tubb has the ‘dopest’ way of creating athletic high-end, casual wear.  I don’t know how to explain it, he’s just a really good designer in the genre of fashion he’s in, also the way he does graphics is really dope. I’ve talked to Aaron a few times and he’s a genuine dude so that’s always nice to know.

I know this last one sounds pretty typical but it would have to be Rick Owens.  I love the way he’s stuck with the earthy colour palettes and made it look nice. He always has such nice basics and cuts of clothing.  He’s so unorthodox and geometric with his stuff but most of all he doesn’t give a sh*t and that’s what I respect. There’s also so much more little designers I could talk about all day but these are the 3 most known ones.

Describe your style and clothing pieces to us in 5 words?

Unorthodox, I can’t really think of 5 but yeah my stuff’s strange.  I like to switch my styles up a lot.

We loved your previous work on JRDN, what sort of feedback did you receive?

Thanks heaps! I got really good feedback from it but ended up cutting that collection pretty soon after I released it because I decided to start over as a designer.  But… keep a look out because I’m reviving some of the certain pieces from that collection with a twist added to them which is gonna be dope.

That second collection was like the first collection I had made pushing into the higher end of stuff, people were like “Damn this stuff is nice!  But I need to save up to get a piece”.  At the end of the day that’s the market I want to be in, I don’t want it to be available to anyone and everyone.

You were recently involved in New Zealand Fashion Week (NZFW), tell us about it.

Damn… NZFW was a crazy week, it was cool though I got the opportunity to close the show at the main runway for New Generation designers and got some really good feedback backstage after the show from some big names.  So that was a big surprise for me. It was cool to be invited by some other dope designers during the week, hitting up their after-parties.

Images from Jordan’s recent runway collection at NZ Fashion Week

Your website has us on the edge of our seat, is there an online store in the works?

Oops sorry, it’s on its way.  I’m just currently making some new stuff which should be shot in about 2 weeks then [the new collection is] ready to be put up so it’s not far away!  I’m gonna be releasing 1 item per week for about 1½ months.  So every week you’ll have something new to look at.

We’ve noticed your Instagram is always on point.  When did you get into photography?

Yo thanks! I’ve been so slack posting on it, it sucks! But ever since I first starting shooting with my homie @theivez, I just got a passion for it, I wish I had more time to shoot and edit but this fashion stuff just keeps me so busy. If you got time though, check out my personal it’s @balaclavaboy.

Images from Jordan’s personal Instagram @balaclavaboy.

What’s next in line for you and your designs?

That’s a little bit of a secret, but it’s gonna be a lot different to what I did for my runway collection.  It’s a lot more wearable but has a good point of difference to most other fashion pieces [of the same category]. But I just got probably the best email of my life the other day, New York Fashion Week has invited me to show as an emerging designer at New York Fashion Week in 2016.  So I’ve been ‘buzzing out’ the last few days.  It feels so surreal being only 19 from New Zealand and being asked to show in one of the biggest fashion weeks in the world.

Where can our readers find more of your work and purchase any of your pieces?

You can always check my Instagram for clothing which is @byjordanholliday, if you like something hit me up with a DM (direct message) on there or email me at  New stuff will be releasing soon but if you are interested in any of the pieces from the runway or anything like that let me know and I can get back to you with a price and time to have it made for you. Otherwise keep a look out on