Californian clothing label Civil Regime will be releasing their holiday 2015 collection on the 30th October (31st for us in Australia), titled “The Fight Worth Fighting”.  In this season we will see a military-inspired colour palette utilising faded-gallant colours, unlike some of the other Civil Regime collections seen in 2015 which uses a monochrome-based theme.

True to their vision of celebrating differences, this particular collection is imagined with a parity of 3 characters.  With The Rebel (Fashion), The Athlete (Fitness) & The Fighter (Passion) in mind, “The Fight Worth Fighting” showcases Civil Regime’s ability to come through with something new that encompasses the differences of the 3 individuals.

Of course as a military-based collection there’s got to be inspirations drawn from a MA-1 bomber jacket, a M-65 field jacket and an alpaca-lined N-1 deck jacket.  These combined with a “rebellious-tenacity” feel, ripped jeans and pullovers presents us with a holiday collection “worth fighting for”.

Get yours online at Civil Regime, or at any of their retailers listed here and yes they ship to Australia.  Better snatch yours now before the new Australian online tax law kicks in!