Images via Six Stitches

Six Stitches (‘SS’) is an upcoming street wear label operating out of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Right from the start, the first thing that that really stood out to us was the simple, clean designs used across their range. From the interlocked ‘SS’ logotype and font, their pieces of work remain simple and understated. As a result, most of their gear can be worn day-to-day with a number of different styles and outfits.

We caught up with Ethan (the creator of the label) to get a better understanding of the brand.

How did the idea of ‘SS’ begin?

Ever since I was young I’d always had an interest in clothing. Growing up in Auckland, the city really revolves around fashion and I suppose that’s what influenced me to start a label of my own. After 15 years of living in Auckland, I eventually moved to the Sunshine Coast and that’s where I believe I saw a gap in the market for a men’s urban fashion/streetwear label.

What about the name, what made you choose the it?

The name originally came from a surfing accident that happened with a friend who was visiting from Auckland. It was 2009, he was into his second day of the trip when it was suddenly cut short after copping a surfboard fin to the head. After the accident, he had to have Six Stitches! I thought the name had a nice ring to it and was different to anything else out there so I went for it.

What was your first design?

From memory, it was big wording with the letters ‘SIX’ with tiny stitches underneath. That was the original logo, but it’s been changed many times since then.


How is the label unique?

I believe that ‘SS’ offers individuality and versatility in our products, we’re not trying to be just another skate or street wear label and we’re also not trying to be your classic dressy men’s wear label. Our aim really is to find that fine line in-between in urban-styled quality menswear that is appealing to a wide demographic.

How are the garments made?

I do all the production myself. From designing the artwork and/or garments to the social media and marketing. I do get help along the way, but it’s just a one-man wolf pack really. The majority of our products are manufactured within Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the US.

What’s next for ‘SS’?

Big things! Plenty of new products, lots more variety in what we are producing and basically making quality clothing that people love, so stay tuned because this really is just the start!

Where do you see ‘SS’ heading towards the future?

I’m aiming to make it as big as I can. I want to get ‘SS’ in-between all the big timers throughout LA, NYC and all over the world.  Anything is possible if you give it 100%, so that’s what I’m trying to do!

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