Sydney-based Geedup Co. just announced on their Instagram and Facebook, the new ‘Rampant Pants’!  It’s some pretty exciting news and it looks like a bit of thought has been put into this design.

The front of the pant appears to be made up of 3 panels held together by strong flat felled seams at each division and the sides.  To add a touch of uniqueness, Geedup Co. also added sweatpant-like cuffs (for comfort perhaps) and made it available in two colours, Khaki and Beige.

If you’re into the crumpled look, these Rampant pants look to be a dope addition to your wardrobe and will be available next week at all stores and online @ GEEDUP Co.  Be quick these have been hinted to be a limited run!

Images via Geedup Co. – Instagram