Currently at a SABA store and tossing up whether or not to buy the pair of Faded Red (Oxblood) Slim Jeans?   This week I share my thoughts on SABA’s new season jeans to help you make that decision.  SABA have recently released this pair of slim fit jeans for a starting price of $160, but through recent offerings have become cheaper.  Of course not everything is made equal and in this post I have summarised my findings for you.


The Good

I’ve always been quite fond of the SABA wardrobe, their clothes are always nicely fitting and stylish for my body type.  These jeans are no exception.  As the name suggests, these jeans are true slim fit.  Perfect for displaying some masculine legs.  Despite being slim fit, the crotch area has plenty of space providing enough breathing within the area.  


The jeans are styled with SABA’s signature trimmings and lined with a back yoke holding its shape very nicely when worn.  Not to mention the flat felled seams are superb, belt loops are strong and the length is just right for casual street wear. 

The ‘Not-So-Good’

Crafted from 100% cotton the fabric seems a bit stiff, a little thin and not so forgiving.  So if these jeans are already quite snug with your legs and the next size up is too big, you probably don’t want to crouch down.

These jeans feature five nicely sized pockets, two at the back, two at the front and the coin holder.   Signature SABA rivets are used for the front pockets, however, the SABA logos are faced towards the inside of the pants.  Not sure if this was a manufacturing error or designed by default, but I have another pair of SABA jeans with the same thing.

There isn’t really much variation between different models of SABA jeans, they’ve always been about simplicity and high quality.  Hence, the back pockets don’t have any distinct stitching like Evisu jeans do.  You’ll also find the overall style of the jeans quite ordinary compared to the likes of G-Star.

The Verdict


I like these jeans, they wrap around the legs nicely and feel superb compared to some of the cheaper alternatives.  I like the oxblood red, it’s ‘not in your face’ bright and goes very well as an everyday pant.  If you can still get it on a discount I reckon these pants are well worth it.  It will add nicely to your wardrobe if you haven’t got a pair of faded red jeans.