Sneakerhead Talks episode 17 is here! If you follow us closely, you may have noticed we were in Adelaide last month for the IMTJS lifestyle event presented by The Kickz Stand. While we were there, we had the opportunity to meet a bunch of Adelaide’s local sneakerheads at the hottest spot in town, Fairfax. One in particular, who I had initially met through the sneaker forums and always stood out in my books for his generosity and good vibes. It comes with great pleasure to introduce a noble human from the City of Churches, Anton Porter.

Sneakerhead Talks

A Little Bit About Anton

“I’m 36 yrs young Indonesian-born but fortunate to have been adopted at an early age and now reside in Adelaide.

I’m a husband and father of one. My weekends are spent taking my daughter to her various commitments including piano lessons and surf life-saving. Like most, I enjoy eating out with our friends even more now as Adelaide’s food scene has seen an uproar.

Every chance we get we love to travel, open our minds and experience something new. Oh, and of course I love collecting sneakers.”

Sneakerhead Talks

Street Style

“My style is “Keep it simple!” Some nice denim partnered with an oversized hoodie and a clean pair of kicks. I always make my sneakers the focus of my outfit.”

Sneakerhead Talks

Fondest Sneaker Recollection

“I remember in primary school hassling mum for a pair of Nike Air Icarus and then the 92 Og tailwinds; It all started from there. I recently acquired a pair of Tailwind retros to relive my younger years. I recall my mate, James rocking up to class in a pair of 91 black Jordan 6’s. It was then and there that I knew I had to have them. Now fast forward to 2014, and I’m camping out the front of Footlocker for the Black Infrared 6’s as if MJ hasn’t affected us in some way growing up.”

Sneakerhead Talks

Recent Pick Ups and Current Rotation

“I recently picked up the coveted Air Max Atmos and some 3m ultra boost. I admit I have jumped on the boost train as they are super comfy and fit in well with my everyday work uniform. These days, I buy shoes that I will wear, Shoes sitting in boxes are just dust collectors.

My real love will always be Air Max, all types and models, Beasts, Chloros, Crepes, Tailwinds, Safaris, 95 Neons, etc. However, in the past couple of years, I’ve downsized my collection from 150 to approximately 50, quality over quantity.”

Sneakerhead Talks

Thoughts on Today’s Sneakerhead and the Sub-culture

“Today’s sneaker scene has so many positives, and one of them is being spoilt for choice. The amount info and ways to cop a pair is all a click away. The digital era has changed it for us old-timers, just about every store has an online option from the comfort of our homes.

The rise of the Facebook sneaker groups within Australia is yet another positive. The sense of community and helping one another has allowed me to meet many like-minded individuals. The recent “It’s More Than Just Sneakers’ lifestyle event is a prime example of what I love about this scene.

The downside will always be people choosing profit over friends. Money makes people do crazy things, but at the end of the day if you surround yourself with positive people, keep your network close and have each other’s back, you’ll be okay.”

Sneakerhead Talks

I must say, it was refreshing meeting the Adelaide crew. Everyone was so warm and inviting and even down for a chat in front of the camera. Not only did we get a chance to meet cool peeps including Anton, but we were also well supported by Fairfax and TKS crews respectively.

To our readers, We hope you enjoyed this episode of the Sneakerhead Talk series. If this was your first time on the series, be sure to check out last month’s episode with Timmy Smallman.