Wassup world! No. 15 of the Sneakerhead Talks series is back again for another month of sneaker goodness. I must warn you though; there is some serious heat in this episode! With that said and with much pleasure, I’d like to introduce to you another fellow sneak-freak from Melbourne – Derrick Narciso.


A Little About Derrick

I’m Derrick, but my friends call me D or Commish. I’m originally from the basketball-crazy country Philippines, but now call Melbourne home. Having only recently retired from competitive ball, I am now a part-time administrator and help run a few leagues in the suburbs including sneaker groups both locally and abroad (hence the ‘Commish’ nickname).

I dabble in a bit of amateur photography mainly using sneakers as my subject. Though as I continue to shoot, I find myself exploring various alleys of photography and using different subjects. One of my other hobbies is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The martial art has become a big part of my lifestyle over the last six years. Not only do I get to train self-defence and improve my overall health, but I get to spend a huge chunk of my spare time with my son who also participates.

When I’m not doing all that, and I have the spare time, I like to give back and organise charities for orphans back in my home country.

Street Style

Basic, casual. A graphic tee, jeans and sneakers.
Usually, letting the sneakers be the highlight of my outfit.

Most Memorable Sneaker Pick-Up

The first time I ever lined up for a sneaker was for the Air Zoom Generation ‘First Games’. I’ve been a huge fan of the “Chosen One” ever since his exploits were first published in punks section of the old Slam Magazine. The sneakers themselves I thought were dope and were created by my favourite designer Tinker Hatfield.

But what made the day more memorable was that this was the first and last time my wife joined me in a sneaker line-up. I thank God for her never ending patience and understanding with me and this hobby. I’m talking about a time when lining up 8 hours for a release was unheard of and straight up outlandish. I guess that’s what you call true love.

Thoughts on Today’s Sneaker Culture

There are three things I love about today’s sneaker culture:

1. Just being spoiled for choices. We are at the golden age of sneakers. New designs, collabs, new tech, old tech, hybrids and retros all coming out at once. There’s something for everyone. If you know how to pick your spots, you can easily build a decent collection these days.

2. The blurred lines and marriage between technology, design, lifestyle, sports, music, entertainment and fashion expressed through sneakers and;

3. “Accessibility” of sneakers with the advent of the internet and social media. As long as you know where to look and who to ask, you will eventually get the sneakers you covet. Back then we only relied on insider info from the store employees and magazine adverts (i.e. Eastbay catalogues).

Inspirational Person

Tinker Hatfield.
I want to shake his hand and thank him for having the idea to create the Air Max 1— the sneaker that got me hooked on this hobby.

Advice For The New

Save up. Be patient. Don’t give in to the thirst, hype and easy money making schemes. The right sneaker/streetwear will be yours at the right place, time and price. Don’t worry about what others say or do. Just do the things that make you happy at your own pace and time. But more importantly, be excellent and tolerant to your fellow sneakerheads.

I want to give a huge shout out and thanks to my friend, Derrick for turning it up in this episode. I had a great time getting to know you better and talking sneakers.

To our readers, we can’t thank you enough for taking the time out and showing us mad love. We hope you’ve enjoyed it and just in case you missed the previous Sneakerhead Talks, check out last month’s episode with Shelly.

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