As we come to the quarter mark of 2017, we keep the ball rolling on some of the freshest sneakerheads we know. This month’s Sneakerhead Talks episode is brought to you by Melbourne’s West side! We ventured out and caught up with the baddest, flyest sneaker freak we know. In this predominantly male dominated subculture of streetwear and sneakers, it brings me much joy to meet a dope intellectual chick with a neck-breaking style. So without further ado, let me introduce you to the home girl, Shelly.

A Little About Shelly

“I’m Shelly, living and working well in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. I keep it pretty low-key online; I’m passionate about community health and working with the vulnerable and marginalised in my area. In my spare time, I’m probably op shopping or listening to DJ Screw haha, either that or trying to figure out how to pay my bills on time.” 

Describe Your Style

“The baggier, the better. On any typical day, you’ll catch me in a pair of Dickies 874s, a clean T-shirt and a pair of Pumas — with a fat ass lace, of course. All about that simplicity and subtle flexin'”

Favourite Sneaker Brands

“Nike and Puma were the first brands I got into. I go through phases where I don’t wear Nike for yonks, but then I’ll wear my AM95’s in rotation for a month. I feel as though most Nike releases these days are an absolute dog’s breakfast, the quality is so off. Besides my Pippens and Air Mocs, I haven’t bought new Nikes in a while. I enjoy wearing my “older” pairs much more.

Puma Suedes are my all time favourite. That shoe has been with me through some crazy shit from being a teenager right up to my mid-twenties. I’m sentimental like that! I remember I threw a rave under a highway in Adelaide a few years ago, and we had to trek through all this mud, shrubs and shit to get to the spot, it destroyed my Suedes. I think I ended up throwing them out the window on the way home. I’d be in double digits when it comes to how many pairs of Suedes I’ve been through now.”

Most Memorable Sneaker Pick-Up

“I discovered eBay when I was 18 and I managed to get my hands on a pair of the 1986 25th Anniversary Run DMC Jam Master Jay Superstars for twenty bucks deadstock. The shell toes are yellowed to shit now, but that makes them even better. They have that gold chain lace lock and embroidered 1986 on the back heel; the best pair of Adidas I’ll ever own. I’ve seen them for sale twice since 2011. There were only 288 pairs sold in the United States. I’m taking mine to the grave.”

Thoughts on Today’s Sneaker Culture

“I’m happy there are a lot more releases and boutiques catered towards women! Especially the Fenty x Puma collab, oh my days… Rihanna straight up changed the game for female sneakerheads. Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually on a unisex thing, but I’ve honestly lost count of many pairs I wish I owned but they don’t come in my size. It’s great seeing more women getting into collecting and being passionate about shoes. With that said, I only know a few female sneakerheads out here, and most are in Europe. Shout out to you!”

Advice for the New

Follow your heart!”

“But for real. Wear what you genuinely love irrespective of what the hype is or what other people might have to say about it. I’m glad social media wasn’t a big thing back when we were young and into sneakers. Don’t get me wrong; it’s great meeting like-minded individuals from all over. On the other side, I see many kids bullied in different groups for lack of style or knowledge. That can straight up ruin someone’s day or even their self-esteem. We should be building the youth up and encouraging them to rep whatever they like wearing!”

Gangster rap, kicks and cars wrapped up this instalment of the series. I want to give a huge shout out to Shelly for dropping mad knowledge and chill vibes. As always, we hope you enjoyed and took something out of this month’s episode. Our aim is to bring you all the latest and freshest sneaker and streetwear content so if you like our shit, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

To our readers, a big thanks to you for the endless support. Finally, if you got some fresh sneakers and want to share your views and would like to be a part of the Sneakerhead Talks series, slide into my DMs here.