Just like you, the DopeKoto team are avid fans of sneakers, so it goes without saying that we tend to buy a lot of new kicks! Over the years we have developed somewhat of a routine whenever we pick up a new pair. This approach is not only to ensure they that look good but to also protect them for future wears. After all, there’s no point in scoring that grail if you can’t enjoy them well into the future.

Our easy and quick to follow guide involves five easy steps, and everything you’ll need (except the box) is available from our friends at LaceSpace.

We’ve summarised the five things you can do before breaking out those fresh kicks on the street in our video above. However, if you want more details then read on.

Lace Them with Different Laces

Sometimes the “OG” (a slang used for Original) laces just doesn’t cut it for you and you want to take it that extra step into making it more unique.

Use Some Shoe Trees

Have you ever walked outside to your garage or shoe rack and you’ve found some shoes looking deformed, lifeless or maybe even less appealing? Well, that’s because there’s no proper support to keep the upper – well, basically up!

Apply Sneaker Cleaner to Slow Down Yellowing

Now this doesn’t work with all cleaning solutions; this only works on cleaners that are known to remove yellowing on midsoles. By applying them before you wear them, the midsole is equipped with the cleaning solution; giving the midsole its best chance of fighting (through emulsification) against the natural alkaline from the soil.

Spray Sneaker Protecting Solution

Pretty self-explanatory here. It’s simple. You don’t want to have liquid staining your shoes? Then invest in some sneaker protector spray.

Get a Shoe Box

And we mean a proper shoe box. Cardboard don’t protect sh*t! Getting a plastic shoe box means you can admire them.

That’s all there is to it. A few easy steps and your shoes will last a lot longer!

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