"Look after the people around you and they, in turn, are likely to return the favours."

This month we head back to the west coast for our final instalment of the Sneakerhead Talks series for 2016. We present a genuine top chap for December’s feature. This lad epitomises the notion of a sneakerhead. It brings us much joy to introduce to you to our good friend, Mr Jack Bamber.

A Little Bit About Jack

“I’m originally from the wonderful sunny town of Preston, Lancashire. However, I migrated to Australia late 2005 with my parents and younger sister. Now I reside in the even brighter city, Perth. I spend most of my spare time behind a camera with trainers as a primary subject, followed by editing shots. I’m also into vintage cars and motorcycles. I own four Leyland Minis from the 70s and a 1981 Honda CB250 full custom cafe racer built by 66 in Fremantle.”

Describing His Style

“My style takes influence from the streetwear scene and brands from back home, with the likes of Fred Perry and Stone Island. You can find me in beige/black shorts with a plainish tee, complimented with a mint pair of trainers.”

The Favourite Brand

“My favourite trainer brand regarding quality and materials has to be without a doubt, New Balance (Made in England). I might be a bit biased as the Flimby factory is not too far from where I’m originally from and us Northerners have tendencies to stick together. It’s hard to find other brands that meet their quality nowadays with most companies opting to go Asian-made to reduce cost. Have to give a special mention to Adidas though, from the OG Gazelles and Sambas to the latest UltraBoosts and NMDs, they are killing it right now!

It would be great to see more 1500, 577 collaborations and the Italian made Diadora’s N9000 and V7000’s. Likes of Karhu, KangaROOS and Hummel also spark more interest so I look forward to seeing what they can come up with next year.”

This Year’s Favourite Release

“A massive standout for me this year was Afew x KangaROOS Omnicoil II ‘Jelly’. I was lucky to snag a pair. Unfortunately, they were just too big, so I had them shipped to a friend in the UK. Quality and appearance were on point not to mention the special box was decent with some tasteful extras (pardon the pun). If anyone does see a UK8.5/9 equivalent, please give me a shout.”

What is Australia Missing?

“I have been lucky enough to attend a couple of SF (SneakerFreaker) swap meets while staying in Melbourne and it was awesome to put faces to names. I think what’s missing is more social events across Australia where individuals who share a similar passion for something can just get together and chat. Maybe throw some banter around. I also believe Perth has a gap to be filled at the moment and I’m sure we have enough ‘sneakerheads’ to hold something. @liamparsons what you saying?”

The Best Bits of the Sneaker Community

“I like the people I have met and spoken to online all across the globe. I’ve had people offer their homes to stay (if I manage to get myself over to various countries) and that shows the kind-heartedness some have in the rough world we live in today.

My dislike is this younger generation that is currently living off mummy and daddy’s credit cards. They’re not thinking twice about buying the latest and greatest most-hyped releases for 4-5 times retail value. I’m a firm believer in working for something yourself and being brought up in a pretty rough part of Preston probably helped embed these values. Some people need to be pulled back down to earth a little.”

Advice for the New

“Be patient. Don’t be a sheep. Don’t think of it as a competition. There are a lot of people who jump on board for 6 to 12 months and cop everything hyped only to list it for sale months later. I would highly recommend becoming a member of the community, look after the people around you and they, in turn, are likely to return the favours.”


As we close out Episode 12, we look back and thank all the sneakerheads featured on the series. It honestly wouldn’t have been anything it was without you guys so thank you. Massive props to Jack and Max Jarvis for their time on this episode and the sweet photos. Your help does not go unnoticed.

To the readers, we appreciate the continuous support and stick around next year for some more DOPE features!