Yesterday I caught up with the homie Chris Allan and had a closer look at his brand new Family and Friends New Balance 247. The exclusive pack also includes a duffle bag, dust bag and passport wallet. The name 247 depicts the modernised way of living, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The DNA of the 247 incorporates three different New Balance sneakers including the 1300JP on the forefoot. The grey nubuck and turquoise toe emphasises the likes of the original 576 while sporting the 998 Revlite sole. The combination of suedes and perforated suede on the upper, complete with one of the comfiest midsoles make them a dream to walk in. New Balance has definitely stepped it up with the introduction of the brand new silhouette and look to finish 2016 on a high note. Chris thinks they look and feel better than any adidas boost shoe and we couldn’t agree more. There is however, an uncanny resemblance we just can’t shake off.

Only 247 pairs released for the Friends and Family pack and it’s safe to say they have already caused a spark. Don’t be upset if you missed out on these, New Balance is set to release more colourways in 2017.

In my opinion, they’re great and even though I can be biased towards New Balance, the materials are pure quality. The shape is super crisp and only reminds me of the old school NB’s we all admire. They are also super light-weight, and the comfort of the 998 Revlite sole is next level. The 247 also includes padding into the sock liner for that extra added comfort. Two sets of pull tabs also make for an easy slip-on-and-kick-off kind of shoe. New Balance has ticked all the boxes in my books, so I look forward to the more releases!

Will you be copping the 247 next year? We’d love to know what you think, so drop your thoughts in the comments section below.