A DopeKoto series curating the most popular sneakerhead brands

Over the next few months, we’re going to be covering all the sneaker care brands that we think you should check out. To head straight to the list, head to the bottom of this post. 

There’s nothing worse than rocking your favourite pair to be then on the receiving end of a nasty scuff or stain. These threats can come from anywhere at any time, being a source of anxiety for sneakerheads throughout the year. A Shoutout to all those brave souls wearing triple white through winter. We also take moment of silence for the pairs that have left us too soon.   

If you are at all serious about protecting your precious kicks, then aftersales care will inevitably become a concern early on. This wear and tear that occurs, becomes pretty much unavoidable if you wish to rock your stock!

There has also been an explosion in the primary and resale market over the years. An increased use of suede and other soft materials and limited releases has created a huge after market need. Household cleaning products while they can be effective, can also be unpredictable. That’s where the sneaker care industry comes in.

We’ll be adding brands regularly from cleaning through to storage – so make sure you bookmark this page! We’re also keen to hear your thoughts and reviews on each brand. Join us in the comments section or join the conversation on facebook or twitter

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Sneaker Care Brands

Jason Markk