Our take on the popular sneaker care brand, Reshoevn8r

This post about Reshoevn8r is part of our Sneaker Care Round-up series. For the full list of brands, click here.

How Reshoevn8r differentiates from the competition 

Reshoven8r sells patented, dual-purpose sneaker bags. The idea is to pre-treat, clean your shoes and put them in the wash using the bag to get that final clean. The bag also handily functions as a protective covering/carry bag. They actively encourage people to use this technique for cleaning and have plenty of advice on how to do so. On their YouTube channel, Reshoevn8r run a series where they resurrect some seriously beaten up sneaks!


Reshoevn8r sells the full stack of sneaker care and cleaning products. They sell everything from cleaners to shoe trees and through to touch-up paints. They have several kits available to suit collections of different sizes, styles and budgets.

Where to buy

You can pick up Reshoevn8r products directly from their website (prices are shown in USD) as well as some stores in the US. Their products are also available on eBay and some other online stores. A quick search on Google will easily lead you to these online shops. DopeKoto recommends buying direct from the source wherever possible!

Our Take

Aside from offering a comprehensive product offering in one place, everything is also consistently branded and feels tight in general. We also really like their kits, as this makes it easy for people new to the scene to kit out pretty painlessly without too much prior knowledge. The Reshoevn8r kits also offer better value if you’re willing to bulk buy, which we recommend as something to consider for those of us with larger collections looking for a fully integrated package. All in all, definitely worth checking out!

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