Without a doubt, my uni days created countless memorable moments in my life. It was a time where I was experiencing new hobbies, personal relationships and various work cultures. Though things came and went, while my choice in shoes (at the time) did not. For a long time, longer than I could remember, I had many pairs of general release Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars.

As versatile as they were with many of my outfits, Converse “Chucks” were quite a pain to wear day in, day out (this may come as a shock to people who have only ever worn ergonomically-terrible shoes). So my brother introduced me to my first pair of Jack Purcells which came along on the ride during my early adulthood years.

via EU Kicks

via EU Kicks

From the encapsulated toe and padded tongue to the thicker inners and coloured sole, Jack Purcells was (and still is) a modern-like version of the Chucks. My favourite Jack Purcell was a white patent leather pair, printed with a desert-like pattern in gold. Until one day I came home drunk and left them at the front door. The next day, they were gone.

The S-Series and M-Series Jack Purcells

As time went by, I matured, and so has the Jack Purcell silhouette. Converse have come up with a retooled version of the shoe, equipping the legendary sneakers with their best tech yet to create the S-series (Hi-Top) and M-series (Low-Top) Jack Purcell. Available in a sepia and black colourway, both pairs come in a wax leather with the even comfier ‘Lunaron’ sole unit and Converse’s latest repellent tech — ‘Counter Climate’.

These are now available over at the Up There Store in Melbourne and retail at $150 AUD! Quick, limited sizes remain!

Images via Up There Store