Our take on the popular sneaker care brand, Jason Markk.

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How Jason Markk differentiates from the competition 

Jason Markk isn’t just a brand. It’s also an experience and service – they make appearances at sneaker–centric events such as Sneaker Freaker meets in Melbourne. They set up booths to perform professional cleaning and also offer these services at their stores in the U.S. 


Jason Markk provides sneaker cleaning/protector products made from ingredients that are naturally grown (i.e. no harmful chemicals). They were the first to hit the market with a specialised sneaker cleaner [need to verify this but pretty sure], quickly establishing themselves as the sneaker cleaning specialists. They also offer in-store cleaning services for those who don’t feel like getting some elbow grease.

Where to buy

Jason Markk products are readily available across Australia at various boutiques, as well as being nationally available at Universal Store. They also stock at sneakerhead haunts such as Laced, Saint Side, Above the Clouds, Highs and Lows, and the list goes on. Even some skate shops stock them!

Our Take

Jason Markk is easily one of the market leaders in sneaker cleaning products. You’ll know when you lay in the first 3 scrubs. It does wonders, no joke! Their purple cleaning solution is our go-to sneaker cleaner hands down. Their cleaning service gives buyers that extra confidence since these guys probably know what they’re doing because they use their products to do the job.


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