For a while now, Nike has been a proud supporter of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Sports Coalition, as well as its initiative to end discrimination in the sports industry — evidently developing the ‘Be True’ collection to support this movement. Over the years, we’ve seen a range of apparel, equipment, and shoes come out of the collection; ranging from Sock Darts to Roshes. Now for Nike’s fifth consecutive year in the campaign, the lineup is joined by the brand’s latest and highly acclaimed silhouette — the Air Max Zero.

The shoe is made up of an all white mesh and neoprene upper, complete with a matching midsole, and an airbag utilising the LGBT rainbow colour palette. The Air Max logo on the tongue is switched with the ‘Be True’ moniker and the distinct ‘zero’ signature is stroked in pink. It’s that same minimalism we’ve seen on the Sock Dart that makes the trio of colours pop.

The shoe’s release date is yet to be confirmed but is rumoured to drop sometime this month via Nike in the US.

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