After an initial collaboration with Colette cycling club in the summer of 2015, Le Coq Sportif is exporting the concept and creating an exclusive capsule collection with five international select shops – Colette in France, Slam Jam in Italy, Footpatrol in the United Kingdom, Highs and Lows in Australia, and Sivasdescalzo in Spain.

In conjunction with these five stores, Le Coq Sportif has put together packs that are unique to but representative of each respective store. Each pack contains a cycling inspired shirt made from 100% cotton, a pair of shoes and socks. Le Coq Sportif have also chosen four models of running shoes for each institute; LCS R1000 for Colette, LCS R900 for Slam Jam, LCS R800 for both Footpatrol and High and Lows, and LCS RXVI for Sivasdescalzo.

The inspiration behind every pack is specific to each shop. At Colette, the Parisian concept store’s identity is maintained with its polka dots and tricolour blue-white-black.

Slam Jam holds it’s Italian character through the rich tones of blue we continue to see throughout each of their collaborations.

Footpatrol conceptualises its use of earthy orangey/red tone combined with subtle hits of navy blue in a new and unseen way.

The dominating colour scheme in the Highs and Lows pack is black, white and yellow which is sombre and subtle yet has just the right level of finesse. 

Sivasdescalzo with their first collaboration have drawn cues from their capital city, Barcelona – where the store first opened 5 years ago. They made sure the colourway represented the active, cosmopolitan and Mediterranean spirit of their city.

Packs are limited to 30 examples each and will be available on April 30 at each of the respective stores.