Being involved in the communities for quite some time now, I’ve noticed the only thing better than kicks in Facebook sneaker groups is the super genuine people. Sometimes they are favoured in the assist list just for the things they do for other members.

Below is a general list of Dos and Don’ts which can help you become that person in community groups. Some require common sense while some involve much bigger commitments.

1. DO make the effort before conducting legit checks on the authenticity of an item.
Watch YouTube videos, check out sites regarding fakes or search for other comparisons. Use the search bar at the top of the group page to search through any transactions that went sour.

2. DO NOT ask for an assist and approach it by hash-tagging the word “FAM”.
It will not get you far in the sneaker community.

3. DO engage with the community discussions.
Talk to people and not just about sneakers. Get to know the fellow members. Send them a bag of Freddo frogs or whatever. It’s the little things that go a long way.

4. DO NOT be that guy who is quick to jump down other’s throats for a high price or a genuine mistake.
Educate the minds of the newer generation. Education is key and I’m a teacher so I know how important it really is. Patience is a virtue and everyone had to start somewhere.

5. DO forgive and forget.
What’s the point in holding a grudge? Everyone makes honest mistakes sometimes. Stay humble and collected. Humility goes a long way and sometimes giving someone the benefit of the doubt makes you the better person.

6. DO NOT false advertise on your sale posts!
This is crucial. I don’t think there’s anything worse than listing a shoe as VNDS (Very Near Dead Stock) and then saying it’s been worn two or three times. I suggest don’t use any acronyms or ‘out of 10’ grading if you are unsure of the condition yourself. Just take some good photos and ask the buyer if they’re happy with the price and condition. Simple.

7. DO post/mail out sneakers in the best way you can.
Go to your local Officeworks and buy some bubble wrap if you plan to ship out in satchels. Nothing brings more happiness to sneakerheads than a high level of care the seller took in packing the shoes. Double-boxed and filled with cushioning of some sort is always the best way to go when posting shoes. And if you’re going to cry about losing a couple of bucks simply tell the buyer in the beginning it might cost them a little more.

8. DO NOT judge people.
Do not judge their style. Be admirable of the differences and embrace it. Variety is a beautiful thing. In Japan people respect you for your street style, you can rock anything you want and you won’t be judged for it.

9. DO make use of the search bar!
It avoids congestion and annoyance within the group. Typing in a couple of key words and it’s as simple as that. It avoids doing numerous ‘Legit Checks’ on one particular seller, three times a week. When people write, “Sorry if this has already been posted”, it is usually read as “Sorry I’m too lazy to use the search bar”.

10. DO NOT make sly remarks on other’s posts.
Negative comments are not appreciated by anyone. If you have nothing nice to say then best to keep your mouth shut! Sometimes the best commenting is not commenting. Even though there are no rules on how to behave on the internet, you should always talk to people politely like you do in person because one day you may meet them in real life.

These are just some of the basics to get you around as a loved community member. Help the sneaker community without expecting anything in return and the ‘Almighty Sneaker Gods’ will look after you and your shoes. If you’re genuinely a nice person then this will come naturally but even then it’s always great to give other’s props for an easy transaction or a nice chat. Remember to always treat people with respect and dignity. And of course READ THE RULES on the pinned post!