Photography by Kenny Ng

A few weeks ago I went down to Melbourne and met up with a fellow sneakerhead from The Kickz Stand community, Thom Bonilla.  We tee’d up a photoshoot, took photos of some heat and chilled out together over lunch.

We sat down and had a nice chat about the sneaker game as a whole and that’s when it hit me.  I decided to do a sneakerhead talk series.  Starting from this post onwards we can all get to know more about our fellow Aussie sneakerheads and their views towards the game.


First Pair of Sneakers

“I used to rock those high-top Fila joints back in my youth. When I “officially” started collecting and getting into the game, my first pick up was either the Reebok GL 6000’s or the OG Adidas Gazelles.”


Current Favourite Silhouette

“I love the Saucony’s Shadow 5000 and Diadora’s N9000 [silhouettes].”“The Saucony Shadow 5000 is one of those silhouettes that is absolutely perfect from the toe box and mudguard to the tongue and the midsole. It actually reminds me of the perfect Air Max 1 shape (pre-2008), flawless. Furthermore, the comfort level of the 5k is awesome, it’s just a shame Saucony doesn’t go all out on the quality of the GR’s (General Releases) as [compared to] their collaborated projects.”“The Diadora N9000 model is another timeless silhouette in my opinion and unlike the Shadow 5k, quality is amazing every single time.  Hands down probably one of the top manufactured shoes in the business. I honestly think Diadora can throw any colourway on the N9000, due to the colour-blocking friendly silhouette, it will simply do it justice.  Moreover, I feel like it’s one of those shoes where the midsole really compliments the upper with the hits of colour at the front and back along with the ‘Diadora’ logo, [adding] the cherry on top.”


Favourite Food

“I have a Central American background so I love my Latin food, and no it’s not all Mexican as some people may think. I’m also a big fan of Japanese and Indian food.”


The Ultimate Grail

“Grail is obviously subjective although I hate people that “grail” Yeezy’s. When I think of grails, the three brands that are always on top are New Balance, Saucony and ASICS. My favourites include the New Balance x Solebox collaborations, where they created an amazing group of sneakers from the ‘Toothpaste’ pack to the ‘Nazar Eyes’ and the ‘Purple Devils’.”

“Saucony x Footpatrol’s “Only in Soho” or the Saucony x Solebox ‘Devil’ pack are simply amazing pairs and aesthetically pleasing to look at.”

“ASICS have also made some amazing pairs in the past. A couple of pairs off the top [of my head] that I can think of are the Saga collabs with Footpatrol and 24 Kilates.”



“I grew up playing lots of different sports. I went to St. Bernard’s college where sports was a big focus so I was able to play some of my favourites including basketball and soccer. I also played ‘Aussie Rules’ football in the local club for a few years which was really great fun. I now try to make as much time to play some of them. Some other hobbies include collecting vinyl records, freestyle rapping and of course, collecting sneakers.”


Music Genres

“I’m very open-minded when it comes to music, I love anything from disco, jazz, underground and old school hip-hop, rock and psychedelic trance. I can’t get the hang of screamo and all that heavy metal stuff though (excuse my ignorance on the genres).”


Most Expensive Pair Owned & Longest Line Up Attended

“My girlfriend thinks it’s about $150 less, but I paid $500 for my Diadora x Packers x Raekwon N9000 ‘Purple Tapes’.”


“45 hours is the longest I have been in a line up and I was [number] 23. Yes you guessed it! It was for the Adidas Yeezy ‘Pirate Black’ 350 Boost. I can confidently say the novelty & ‘hypebeast mode’ of owning a pair quickly died off. I will never wait in line for such a shoe, ever again.”


Views on The Sneaker Game

“I love it. It’s fun and the sneaker politics keep me entertained. People flexing, competitions, the excitement and angst of missing a pair is all great! I have honestly met some really cool people and lifetime mates, including you, Kenny!

I advise everyone not to have such a positive outlook on things. Just as in real life, people are out to use and abuse so don’t go helping every Tom, Dick and Harry. Find the people who will have your back, help you when you help them and not give you some lame excuse when it’s their time to scratch your back.”


Opinion on Sneaker Resellers

“Worst people out! But we can’t live without them. On the plus side, with the amount of collabs dropping monthly, I hope it stops people trying to resell for ridiculous amounts and just move onto the next. They’re just shoes people. Sometimes it’s not worth it.”


Views of Missing Elements in The Sneaker Game

“More stores! We honestly need stores like END, Size?, Titolo and Hanon just to name Afew (pun intended). Big ups to the stores holding it down here in Aussie land (Laced, A.T.C, Capsule, Up There Store, Sure Store, Highs and Lows and Concrete Jungle Trading). But Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Canberra are missing some pretty big drops.”


Street Style

“It’s a hard one to describe but I think it’s definitely urban/hip-hop influenced. The way I dress compliments my attitude and mentality on life. It’s honestly what I feel the most comfortable in. You’ll usually find me rocking a plain tee, straight cuffed jeans and a nice pair of kicks. Nothing too fancy but I prefer the fitted look as opposed to the oversized outfits. I’m not big on branded pieces and although I don’t enjoy big powerful designs on my tees. I will however, proudly rock a Kickz Stand, Footpatrol, and Sneaker Freaker top that have their brand plastered on it. It’s what I’m passionate about so I guess it’s each to their own.”


Next Set of Kicks

“We’ll see what 2016 has to offer but I would definitely love to snatch up some of the older Sneaker Freaker pairs like the Bushwhacker, The Geography Teacher and of course a pair of Skips!”