Photography by Kenny Ng Modelling by Maximus Lee

Strong debut for the triple stripe runners last year, especially after Kanye had planted his feet in and showcased them to the whole world in a Chicago Bulls game.  With super comfy technology blended with an eye-pleasing design, the Ultra Boosts no doubt have won the hearts of many in 2015.  Sure, Nike have the Free Runners and Roshes. But ask anyone who’s had both, such as myself, and I bet they’ll tell you the Boost technology in these bad boys are way better.

DopeKoto Triple White Ultra Boost


Boost technology is still relatively new, but has come out since 2013 and now the Ultra Boost being slated as the greatest running shoot ever by Adidas.  I’m not a running type of person nowadays, in fact I’m not very active at all, but I could imagine how these could live up to its dubbed reputation.  Even my parents are onto it, they have been going on and on about how they’ve been walking days on end without any pain.

The Best Colourway

Still highly sought-after, the triple white colourway has been a cherry on the top in the silhouette’s launch year.  The Hypebeast collab may have had the most people thirsting, but to me the triple whites always look good both caged and uncaged.  The fact that a colourway can look equally as good untouched as it is customised, makes it an essential Ultra Boost to have.

DopeKoto Triple White Ultra Boost

Final Thoughts

Priced on an average of $300, given that these were never released in Australia and factoring in shipping plus hype premium, the Adidas Triple White Ultra Boost is worth paying the money for it.  Especially if you’re an Ultra Boost fan boy/girl, you can’t call yourself one till you’ve got one of these in your collection.