So it is, an entire year of crazy hype, long-standing anniversaries, new technology and a stronger rise in the sneaker community compared to recent years.  Here are our top 10 sneaker choices in no particular order.  Remember these sneakers listed are just our collective opinion and we expect to get flamed for it, but so be it.  Streetwear has always been about fist bumping your homies for them rocking up in their own style.  Just because you like olives doesn’t mean everyone has to.  Am I right?

Adidas Ultra Boost ‘J&D Collective’

Making it’s undeniably strong debut, the Adidas Ultra Boost couldn’t miss this list.  The triple white silhouette ‘J&D Collective’ consortium is our selection from the range, hands down.  Still highly sought-after, these have just the right amount of subtle differences from the “all-white” colourway (reality is it’s not quite all-white).  Some may argue the Hypebeast drop was the winner, but each to their own, the white silhouette will always look good caged or uncaged.

Yeezy Boost 350 ‘Pirate Black’

Some argue that these are the ugliest looking sneakers to drop in 2015, some are just salty about not copping them.  But there is no doubt that these shoes come with the an insane amount of hype during the year, every time.  It even brought interest to people who have no clue about sneakers.  Why?  Because its resell value will make anyone spit food when they hear it.  How does a pair of $260 sneakers bear a resell value of over $1000 even before it is released for sale?  We’re not going to argue here, but we like the fact that this “ugly” shoe here brought in some new blood to the sneaker game.  Whether for the better or worse?  We don’t know.  The ‘Pirate Black’ colourway is our choice here, this was probably the one most people chased for.

ASICS Gel Lyte III ‘Made In Japan’

We can’t think of any better way to celebrate the silhouette’s 25th year than having it hand made in Japan and sitting down for dinner with the father of the Gel Lyte III, Mr. Shigeyuki Mitsui.  This for us stood out from the rest, as 40 lucky sneakerheads from down under had the opportunity to meet the creator of such a gorgeous silhouette.  If you ever get the chance to hold these in hand, you will find the nume leather is just so nice on the skin and a cut above the rest in the Gel Lyte III drops this year.

Converse Chuck Taylor II

Revamped with a Lunaron sole, extra collar padding and a non-slip tongue, the Chuck Taylor IIs had some major marketing push this year.  And to be honest, it’s taken the right turn in the revival of the silhouette.  Many of us would’ve had Chucks some point in our lives, the one thing painful about these were the lack of cushioning.  There is nothing worse than a pair of canvas shoes in terms of comfort.  We couldn’t decide on which colourway would make it to the list but it basically came down to black or white.

Air Jordan 1 ‘Pinnacle’ (Black/Gold)


Celebrating the brand’s 30 year anniversary, the Air Jordan 1 ‘Pinnacles’ were perfectly designed to cement premium into the legacy.  As mentioned in Louie’s hands-on, the Pinnacles were taken to another level, adding a luxury lifestyle to the iconic silhouette.  For us the black & gold really did it, especially when the subtle sheen shines through in different angles of light.  That is really something special.

Adidas ‘NMD_R1’


The amount of collaborations Adidas have undertaken with music artists as well as the design innovations they have offered for running technology, the brand with the three stripes have definitely been killing it this year. The NMD_R1 particularly captures this as a whole and stood out from the rest when it was deemed ‘the greatest running sneaker of all time’ by Adidas on its debut. Creating a game changing sneaker with design cues from previous progressive styles and amalgamating it with ultraboost and primeknit technology is of a great thing. This innovative line of ‘New Modern Design’ sneakers is definitely something to be excited about in the coming years.

Fragment x Nike Sock Dart


Nearing the end of last year, sneakerheads were on their toes when it was announced Hiroshi Fujiwara was coming back into the Nike scene with the release of three different sneaker collaborations. It was more so the Fragment Design J’s and the Cortez looking LD-1000’s that had most people celebrating, but not so much with the archival Sock Darts and it’s ‘Dark Loden’ olive colourway. That all changed at the start of this year when the Navy Obsidian rendition was announced and all you heard on the interwebs was the Sock Darts. This dark blue colourway really hit it off for the classic futuristic runner and is definitely one of the most sought-after, especially with the two lightning bolts accompanied with it.

Kendrick Lamar x Reebok Ventilators ‘Neutral’

reebok, ventilators, kendrick lamar, dopekoto

These Reebok Ventilators probably have the biggest hype out of all the brand’s range.  Especially when there’s a big influence in the design from Kendrick Lamar who’s recently been nominated for 11 times for the 58th Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony.  It’s one of those silhouettes which has a truly special back story to it, the end game of unifying the Bloods and the Crips.  Not only that the ‘Neutral’ colourway used is so clean and dapper, sometimes that’s all you need to be a cut above the rest.

Sneaker Freaker x Packer x Puma Blaze of Glory ‘Bloodbath’


The Bloodbaths were definitely destined to be. With Sneaker Freaker having made previous collaborations with the Blaze of Glory silhouette, and their themes being that of the King of the Ocean – the Great White Shark – stars have aligned and SF have done it again alongside Packer Shoes to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the cult classic Spielberg film, Jaws. With the crimson red colourway and another sharktooth to add to the collection, this sneaker was definitely one you had to acquire, especially if you were fortunate enough to cop all the other previous ones before it.

Pigalle x Nike LeBron 12 Elite

When we first saw these we instantly fell in love with the colourway, we just love it’s sophisticated minimalist design.  That’s what you expect from Pigalle.  What really topped if off was when Kenny went to Japan’s new Pigalle store, one of two in the world and held these bad boys himself.  Absolutely mind-boggling on just a pair of basketball shoes.  It’s no wonder why Stéphane Ashpool won the prestigious Andam Fashion Award.