Photography & Post-Edit by Jacob Pedersen, Ray Rei & Kenny Ng

A couple months back we saw the release of the collaboration between NikeLab and outerwear specialists Acronym on the Lunar Force One (LF1). Before it was even released, there was quite a distinct separation with the sneakerheads on the internet with their opinions of how it looked. Today we get a hands-on with the classic silhouette reinvented, and get a better understanding on the creation of such a utility-led design.

First things first, how does it look? This unorthodox approach that it acquired is actually quite intriguing to me. The combination of materials, the lines it took to separate those materials and that chrome zipper lateral to the laces was definitely something out of the ordinary. To most, especially your OG sneakerheads, the thought of redesigning an iconic shoe to such an extent was sacrilegious. Even when they changed up to the Lunaron midsole people were crying out heresy. I mean, this is THE original basketball sneaker, the most recognisable basketball silhouette. But through time people got used to the new change, I guess because they realised it was actually more comfortable.

Although with such a dramatic alteration with this collaboration, I believe it could take longer for your average person to take a liking to it. I believe this design can only target a certain persona that can work with their whole outfit. Trust me, not everyone can pull this shoe off, but with recent fashion houses being directed in a way that is of a high-end urban sport characteristic, this sneaker couldn’t have come at a better time.

Personally, I am liking how the shoe looks, especially with the fact that functionality was the reason behind design. And who better to do it than Acronym’s very own, Errolson Hugh, who was also leading the project of the now successfully revamped ACG line. Acronym is a German outerwear label that is renowned for their obsession with functionality, utilising high-tech garments and use of unique materials. And with NikeLab sharing the same passion for functional design, this collaboration was going to come sooner or later.

Doing such a project by reinventing a classic silhouette was a great idea to showcase elements of what Acronym is all about as well as displaying what the modern shoe can encapsulate for improving comfort and practicality. The Air Force 1 (AF1) is a great sneaker, however in comfort terms it wasn’t the best, especially when you look at the new sneakers of today. So with the Lunarlon midsole, its VAC-TECH moulded heel, the addition of canvas, suede and patent leather intricately positioned on the upper, the silhoutte is now a comfortable sneaker. And not to mention the zipper with dual pull tabs enhancing the on-and-off process, keeping the laces untouched. The colour palette of this particular shoe was my favourite of the other three colourways as it complimented such a loud design.

I was actually surprised that Nike allowed for so much freedom in changing it up. But it’s awesome to see Nike open to such creativity. I would say this has to be the most interesting and exciting collaboration Nike has done in a while. I hope there’s more to come with Acronym and NikeLab in the future.