"Know Yourself. Know Your Worth"

Over the last couple of weeks, we saw people cop the ‘Moon Rock’ Yeezy 350 Boosts left, right and centre.  The whole world was in another ‘Yeezy Craze’.  With such hype in the sneaker world, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there’s money to be made and so the number of fakes surfacing is without a doubt going to be high.  Luckily for us, Instagram user @Fake_Education has provided a few images to help us second-guess whether the Yeezy’s we’re copping are fakes or real.

1 Dodgy Adidas Logo

Let’s start with the ‘Adidas Originals’ logo on the side of the left shoe.  On the authentic pair of Moon Rocks is a lot more defined and the stitching is very clean with uniformly-sized holes.  The suede panel on the real pair is a lot more rounded and cleaner on the edge than fakes.

2 Dodgy ‘YZY’ Logo

You can say the same thing on the ‘YZY’ logo of the right shoe.  The ‘YZY’ is a lot more defined on the genuine pair than the fake ones and the stitching is cleaner as well.  I can’t believe how terrible these fakes are, it’s such a joke.

3 Collar Stitch Counts

Look closely at the stitch count on the collar of the real pair versus the ones on the fakes.  Notice how on the legit pair of ‘Moon Rock’ Yeezys, the stitch count is ever-so-slightly less than the fake ones.  Other than that there’s really no clear difference looking at the heel.

4 Pull Tab Placement

This one is probably the most obvious flaw in the fake pair of ‘Moon Rock’ Yeezy 350 Boosts.  In the above image you can see that the topmost corner of the pull tab lines up just right with the bottom of the collar on the pair of real Yeezys.  Fakes however sit higher than the bottom of the collar.

5 Holes In The Soles

Lastly, it has been said the ‘Moon Rock’ fakes have holes in bits of the soles as highlighted above.  These are very obvious holes too.  From the 50 pairs that @Fake_Education have seen, none of them seem to have these intentional holes on the grooves.

My advice is to use this post as a guide only to give you a peace of mind should you worry about copping a pair of replica ‘Moon Rock’ Yeezy 350 Boosts.  One thing I’ve learnt from Drake is: “Know Yourself, Know Your Worth”.