Photography by Alter Ego Visuals & Kenny Ng

Bape and Undefeated come through with round two of their consortium collaboration with adidas for the Superstar 80v this year. Couple of months back we saw the triple threat use the same silhouette with a more subtle direction towards the colour palette and small Bape touches throughout the shoe. This time round we see a flip side to it in contrast to the first release. Still keeping with the L.A. UNDFTD colour scheme from the first pairs of black/grey and blue, we now see the new pair going loud like an OG hoodie with the Bape camo all throughout the upper.

Last week Bathing Ape released it to the Japanese public before the whole world could get their hands on it, but luckily our main man Kenny copped a pair while he was on holiday over at the Harajuku store; great timing.  As you’d expect, with exclusive drops coupled with its not-so exclusive line up, Kenny was still fortunate to cop a pair despite being no. 241 in the line of 350+ Bape heads in it; crazy. With that we get a hands-on to see what this black/grey pair offers.


You would think that there can only be so much you can do with the iconic superstar, but this particular pair really demonstrated that little details make a lot of difference. This sneaker is definitely one where you’ll look twice at. Upon first glance the recognisable duck camo print will make sure you won’t be mistaken that Bape has something to do with it.  Not to mention, the gold embossing on the heel with the Ape head on the right and 5-strike logo on the left is a nice touch that again supports that UNDFTD, but Bape more so, have something to do with it.

But what was eye-opening for me was the camo upon taking a closer look. The whole upper is made with premium leather with the print over it, but the grey areas within the camo are “sueded” out! The grey was made as the base colour for the leather dye and was left out from the rest of the print resulting with an effect that has quite the dope factor.

As well as the suede triple stripes and heel tab, the kicks finishes off with the off-white sole complimenting the whole silhouette. I like the fact that although the print is in your face, the minimal touches throughout the shoe give an overall simple vibe to it all.


When it comes to comfort with the shell-toes, there is only so much you can expect from a silhouette that was released in 1969. I mean new fabrics and materials, yes, but it’s hard to compete with Tubulars and Flyknits, no? The shell-toe is a world classic silhouette of the streetwear culture that I believe we’ll continue to see in the future ahead.  Having the 45th anniversary just past last year, as well as being the selection of choice for collaborations throughout 2015, you know they’re doing something right. It’s great to see these three established streetwear staples at it again for the third time round from starting off with the Campus 80s and ZX5000’s in 2013. We only know from here on in there’s much more in store to come.

You can get your hands on these as well as the blue version this Saturday, 10th of October, available at Sneakerboy and Espionage.