So I’m sitting on the crapper today and then all of a sudden I was thrilled.  Not because I had just let out a mother load but because I stumbled across news that Converse has revamped their Chuck Taylors.  Converse just announced their Chuck Taylor II’s.  These ain’t no ordinary Chuck Taylors, it’s got Nike technology built into it.  That’s right, Converse got together with Nike to deliver these next-gen comfort sneakers.

We all know Chucks go well with a lot of clothes.  The only thing that puts us off from wearing them daily is the pain they bring for having virtually no padding.  It’s literally just a bit of fabric held together by the mid-soles.  The Chuck II’s has attempted to eliminate this age-old problem with NIKE’s patented Lunarlon foam cushioning.  Lunarlon combines a foam core with a Phylon or Phylite foam carrier. The inner core is soft but rigid and the surrounding is lightweight.  When combined together, it allows the force on top of the soles to distribute evenly, relieving pressure points from happening at the heel and front of the feet (this technology is being used on some phone cases as well).

The new Converse Chuck II’s basically look the same as the classic All-Stars but feature an upgraded arch support, a new padded non-slip tongue and a perforated micro-suede lined collar.  These of course come in high and low top versions with the iconic 4 colours black, red, blue and white.  Check out the video for the blown up view of these new game changing Chucks.