A few days ago my girlfriend asked me what it was I wanted for Christmas, and of course, I answered with “anything sneaker related”. It’s always difficult to think of what to get friends and family, and with the days rolling down, the boys at DopeKoto have organised another top 10 online giftorium list. And don’t worry, they’re still all under 100 buckaroos.


1. LVL Up Socks

The Melbourne-based company, LVL Up, design premium soft cotton socks to add to any sneakerhead’s outfit. All the socks feature an elastane rib support to help keep them up and a combed cotton base to keep the feet dry together with a full terry footbed delivering comfort all day long. Check out some more designs through their website!

Our recommended pick: LVL Up x SBTG. A perfect all rounder! A dope design that doesn’t just fit well but also feels great on your feet. The best part? They won’t leave your feet feeling sweaty at the end of the day.


2. Just F*ck Off Pins

It’s the smaller things you do in life that separates you from the rest. These ‘Just F*ck Off’ pins are perfect for that extra “special” friend in your life, who’s not afraid to tell it how it is and has a real ‘f*ck off’ attitude. Build your gift box with a selection of other novelties and be different.

Check out their online store and help a mate by getting their message across via pins instead of words. Concrete Jungle Trading also have a wide selection of Just F*ck Off pins, socks and patches so if you’re ever around, pop into the Sydney Rd store.


3. SneakersER Cleaning Pack

2016 has been a busy year and with that said, they’ve probably bought more pairs of shoes than they originally intended. SneakersER is the latest in sneaker cleaning and has gained a lot of traction this year for being one of the best in the business. A product for sneakerheads by sneakerheads and the marshmallow scent will leave their kicks smelling brand new too.

Watch the SneakersER lads show you just how easy it is to clean a beat pair of kicks using their cleaner hereLacespace stock a variety of SneakersER packs including microfibre towel, suede brush and more.


4. DopeKoto x The Kickzstand ‘IMTJS’ Tees

Grace, IMTJS, DopeKoto, The Kickz Stand

Sure, we produced this tee. But as if we’re not going to put it on our list!

The youth culture isn’t just about sneakers and what better way to show it out loud than to rock it. The initialism itself will have people asking; that’s when he/she can spell it out in full. The irony though is the print resembles a globally-recognised brand that played a huge role in the rise of sneaker culture.

Our recommendation: purchase this shirt and use the code XMAS20 to receive a 20% discount. Also, spend $50 or more and receive free shipping! Offer ends December 22nd 2016.

5. Liquiproof Gift Pack

Protect yo’self, protect yo sneakers! Liquiproof is the next best thing after our trusty aerosol can, Crep Protect and while both products prevent any liquids ruining your favourite suede kicks, Liquiproof is more reliable and does not need reapplication every 2-3 weeks. A worthwhile investment fo’ sure. Let them live fearlessly and never worry about a spill again!

Contra, LaceSpace and Up There Store Melbourne have Liquiproof products stocked up. So you can readily get them in person!

Our recommended pick: Liquiproof Protector Kit. $60 will get them two 50 mL bottles and a suede brush to work the solution into the material more effectively. Sign up to LaceSpace, and you’ll receive 10% off your first order!


6. Intelligence Magazine

Is your friend in dire need of new reading material? Intelligence Magazine is a streetwear-centric mag offering great insights to people, brands, artists, and designers who shape our cultural landscape. Sharpen up their knowledge on streetwear by gifting them the first volume featuring the godfather of streetwear himself, Hiroshi Fujiwara.

You can find the first four volumes on End. clothing for $25 each.


7. Saint Side ‘Old English’ Tote Bag

Amongst their extensive selection of accessories, Saint Side’s canvas tote bag is a great item anyone of any age can use. Rest assured that these totes are highly durable and not to mention they look gangster as hell with the ‘Old English’ font.

Check out Saint Side online or head into one of their locations either at St. Albans or Melbourne CBD for other dope items.


8. Bearded Stag Gift Packs

Ladies, if you want to get something your man will use, then this one will do. The Bearded Stag has a huge selection of gift packs for those who need a spruce up. Wearing just sneakers and simple tees sadly isn’t enough to make a man attractive, these gift boxes will give them a hint.


9. IKEA ‘Billy’ Bookcase

Why is a bookcase in this list you may ask? Well, it’s probably getting out of control with the amount of shoe boxes stacked on one another, making it inaccessible to the ones down below. Introduce shelving of some sort, and you’ve got easy access to them all. Plus some sneakerheads just like to gaze at their favourites. And if all else fails, they can stash their books too!

Our recommendation: Since the shelves are adjustable, you can slant them to showcase your shoes tilted at an angle. All you have to do is cut slits for where studs to hold the shelf will sit and add a strip of wood to stop the shoes from sliding off! Get creative by also adding some LED strips tucked to light the sneakers.


10. Geedup ‘Core Logo’ Slides

Now that Summer is already smacking cities like Brisbane with a hottie; sometimes it’s just not worth having smelly feet cooked up in them pristine sneakers. Geedup has some dope as f*ck slides, and the best part is he/she doesn’t have to give a damn about the sand when they’re hitting the beaches this Summer holiday. He/she can stay looking fresh with Geedup’s ‘Core Logo’ slides this Xmas!

Cover Image via Max the Black does Cardiff