Seeing a couple storm troopers, maybe even another galaxy far far away..

Last weekend marked the event of the year for sneakerheads, streetwear aficionados, lovers of hip-hop and those who enjoy a good time in Sydney. The Kickz Stand’s ‘It’s More Than Just Sneakers’ event swap meet went off with more than 1500 people flocking from all parts of the state and country. DopeKoto was of course there to catch all the action as an official vendor and media partner, with one of our biggest showings to date!


Before the doors opened, the front of Paramatta PCYC started to look like a camp out running at least 50 deep; and to no surprise passers-by were asking what the line up was for. As people came through the doors and into the main arena, seeing the shoes on their feet was a spectacle to be awed. Left, right and centre people were stuntin’ with a variety of sneakers you can only witness at an event like this.


During peak hour, around the time when most of us get out of that lazy Sunday vibe and have enough energy to look fresh and get us out the door, the crowd amassed to the point where you could only take a few steps to move forward. This wasn’t a bad thing because you yourself was doing the same, being amazed at what the stalls had on offer.

The number of vendors at bay, with yours truly included in the mix, was a sight to see with a wide assortment of sneakers, cleaners, record vinyls, vinyl and retro toys, Gundams, laces, pins, and apparel. Others flipped the game up – like LizLo Cupcakes selling the dopest caramel slice you’ve ever tasted, through to hand knitted Yeezy’s and LaceSpace offering to clean up your beaters. It was also great to see familiar faces from the boys at Geedup, the crew from SaintSide and the whole TKS family doing their thing.


With BBQ and burgers cooking out to the side and smooth beats bumpin’ from DJ Klasik, the day kept with the good vibes. There were plenty of families in attendance and prizes flying out throughout the day. Not to mention, we were also gifted with a special live mix from Australian Red Bull Thr3eStyle Champion — Beast Mode a.k.a. DJ Samrai and impressive moves from the boys hailing from the Philippines – RealBrox Pinas.

You couldn’t ask for a better day with good food, good company and dope as sneakers. Thanks for having us TKS, we’ll see you next time! Until then, stay tuned, as we’re going to be dropping all the shots and interviews from the day over the coming weeks…