It’s been a few months since the first barbecue we held at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. We’ve had a few members of the Brisbane community asking when the next one will be since, so we thought why not host another one for the community?

Last Saturday, we had the pleasure of providing a meeting spot for people alike in the sub-culture at the Roma Street Parklands. Gathered around a sizzling barbecue, we all got to chill with each other and meet people we’ve only known in Facebook community groups. At DopeKoto, we’re believers in the face-to-face interaction that brings many of us together as a community. So when we get to host little events like these, we’re always super excited!

Many snags and slices of pizza were had that day and to no surprise plenty of us were concerned about tomato sauce landing on our shoes. Luckily for some, they’ve come prepared. The real homies though were the boys from Gold Coast Sneakerheads, who rocked up despite the long drive.

After the feed, we went on a photo walk taking photos of random landscapes and Louie’s dope street fit (whether voluntarily or not). Overall it was a blast and it couldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the boys and girls that came along!

You can check out some of the street fits and footwear that showed up below, and if you haven’t yet some of the candid shots above. Looking forward for something bigger next time, so stay tuned!