Round Two — a Virginia-based premier men’s boutique, opened in 2013 by a trio of friends named Sean, Luke, and Chris. On a mission to make certain customers get the best fit in town, the brains behind the shop host the best deals on both grail sneakers and exclusive clothing brands. Hunting for hidden gems through various thrift stores and gaining a reputable amount of regular customers, Round Two has become one of the hottest and most talked about stores in the U.S.A!

As a bonus for those who do not reside in the U.S.A., Round Two started a show on YouTube dubbed ‘The Show’. It’s interesting to watch the vast knowledge and humility held by the guys in-store and how much fun they all have. With their last episode at over 60,000 views and great anticipation on the next, the boys are sure to close their second season with a banger.

Remember the video of the Air Jordan 5 ‘Supreme’ being dipped in red paint? Well… it was these three guys at Round Two who caused the stir over the internet!

Spoilt for choice and not just sneakers, Round Two offers clothes from highly sought-after brands like Supreme, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren Polo, BAPE etc. Customers line up at each of their store every morning for all the latest drops moments after they post on Instagram. Sean & Luke have been immersed in the sneaker scene since their pre-teens, so their knowledge dates back to the golden era of Nike and Adidas. Since then they have only continued to grow as sneakerheads and it’s the knowledge they wanted to share with the growing sub-culture — that is sneaker collecting.

The store embraces their customers like family. They give the customers an opportunity to trade, swap, and sell their sneakers to obtain grail sneakers. They have involved the community and set up the store as a meeting spot for the locals to talk, listen to old school Hip-Hop and buy dope sneakers.

You can check them online at or on Instagram at @roundtwohollywood but in the mean time enjoy the trailer for their Season Two finale below and don’t forget to hit subscribe for future episodes.