Summer Vibes and Pretty Girls

If I was asked when the best time to visit Australia is, I would say it would be during summer. Nothing’s more refreshing than working up a sweat in the blazing summer heat, diving into the cool blue water off the coastline, and watching the sun rise above the easterly horizon. At this point, the mind is clear and the moment is savoured. Geedup and Eurasian Hotties reminded us of this feeling at Sydney’s Wylie’s Baths earlier this month, showcasing a few of their latest staples like the ‘Core Logo’ tee and ‘PK’ hoodie.

Photographer Brix from XYBP Images perfectly captured the summer vibes given off by Lewis, Mimi Perkins and Lea Niksic. Adam of Redscope and Justin Fox of Zen Garage were there to record the BTS of this collaborative effort. Safe to say, this tasteful photo shoot was just filled with an epic all-star lineup of industry tastemakers.

Models: Mimi Perkins, Lea Niksic, Lewis
Production: Geedup, Eurasian Hotties
Main Photographer: Brix @ XYBP Images
Videographer: Adam @ Redscope
BTS: Justin Fox @ Zen Garage
Location: Wylie’s Bath
Date: March 2016