Hasan Minhaj from Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show’ dives into the world of sneaker resellers in an attempt to show those who have no idea, how crazy it really is.  Remember that guy who did the TED talk not too long ago about the unregulated sneaker market, Josh Luber?  Well Hasan has a chat with Josh and finds himself digging deeper into the reseller community as he tries to find a pair of Jordan 72-10s.

In his search for the coveted 72-10s, Hasan stumbles across several vendors and finds himself standing in front of ‘The Sneaker Don’, the “Pablo Escobar of Sneakers”.  I won’t say anymore, you need to watch this for a good summary of the sneaker secondary market and a great laugh.

Source via Jason Black – ‘The Kickz Stand’ Community Member

Image via FiveThirtyEight