Christmas is around the corner and with the days counting down, people are either buying their gifts or starting to panic around this time.  For those who are looking for their friends and family, it could be difficult to find out what to buy for them this Xmas.  So I’ve decided to come up with my top 10 gift ideas for $100 or less.

1. retaW Fragrances

One of the coolest concepts from the ‘Godfather of Japanese Streetwear’, Hiroshi Fujiwara, retaW (Water spelt backwards) is a fragrance brand based in Aoyama of Tokyo.  The philosophy of the brand blends scents of various everyday items in life.  Ranging from body washes, creams, candles, room tags and fabric sprays.  Of course with Fujiwara being such an iconic figure in the streetwear scene, various brands like BAPE and XLARGE have collaborated with retaW, creating their own unique scent.  It’s a very special kind of fragrance in my opinion if you could appreciate the thought behind it.

The Apartment has a selection of the retaW products, check them out here or drop by and have a whiff to see what I’m talking about.

My recommended pick: Denim.  If the person you’re buying a gift for doesn’t like washing their jeans because they want to preserve the colour of the denim then this is a good idea.  Spray this before chucking em’ in the freezer.

2. Jason Markk Gift Pack

If they are the type who gets real crabby about their kicks getting scuffed (lets face it, who wouldn’t be?), then this gift pack is the go-to Xmas present.  I cannot stress how good Jason Markk’s line of products are, it’s not just a pretty package, this stuff is magic in a bottle.  Especially the Repel spray, the ultimate protection against nasty liquid stains.

Laced stock a large range of Jason Markk products, Solemate also sells this gift pack, as well as The Sure Store.

3. LaceSpace Rope Laces

Looking for something at the lower end of a green note?  Here’s a nice little item for Xmas, LaceSpace rope laces.  When you think of laces, the first thing that comes to mind is how minute it is in comparison to the overall shoe’s look.  I beg to differ though.  In my opinion using rope laces adds a nice personal touch leaving a different impression of the shoes and to me that’s special.

My recommended pick: Black 3M Reflective Classic Rope Laces.  These laces go with almost anything plus they reflect!

4. GEEDUP Co. Outerwear

OK, so our Christmas is during summer.  But with fluctuating weathers seen in recent years, some of the lighter outerwear GEEDUP Co. has to offer could come in handy.  Even if the gift requires waiting a few months till winter comes around, it’s still definitely worth having in the closet.

My recommended pick: Sheridan Field JacketNothing but straight up gangster.  It’s lightweight, windproof and not to mention it’s well-ventilated.  Also comes in black and if you spend an extra few dollars you can get the Sheridan Package which comes with pants and a bucket hat.

5. Casio Digital Watches

If you’re buying a Xmas gift for someone who likes the dapper look or even vintage pieces, then consider getting them a Casio digital watch.  Better known for G-Shock watches, Casio also makes some basic reliable watches.  Simple and functional, sometimes that’s all that we need in our lives.

Saint Side recently brought in some new stock of Casio digital watches, have a browse here.

My recommended pick: Casio Digital B640WB-1B.  Looks retro with a timeless modern look to it because of the black, utilising a stainless steel band which is a win as these watches are known to have an age-old problem of broken plastic bands.

6. Modern Pirate Combo Packs

Now I know this gift idea is kind of useless for a girl.  But as a lad who likes to look good, I know I need to have it down pat from head to toe.  Hair is key, especially with today’s society being very conscious about their hairdo.  Australian-based Modern Pirate has two combo packs that’ll keep your hair looking sharp, the Superior Pomade Pack and the Matte Clay Pack.  Both packs consists of a hair product, soap bar and pocket comb.

My recommended pick: Superior Pomade Pack for longer hair and slick look, Matte Clay Pack for shorter hair.  If both these are no good for him, you may want to consider getting him one of the other 5 available products for blokes in a previous article I’ve written.

7. Audiofly AF56 Earphones

Audiofly, AF52, earphones, DopeKoto

Probably the best pair of in-ears you could get for $100 or less at the moment.  With the sound quality of headphones, Australian-based Audiofly earphones deliver rich sounds at all ranges of the sound spectrum.  A great gift idea for people who commute often or just love jamming with earphones.  If you want to find out more about these earphones, check out my previous review on these in-ears.

Audiofly are doing an Xmas special which brings it into budget.  Buy them and receive them at your door on the next day.

8. Grand Scheme Pants

Contemporary and functional in design, Australian-based Grand Scheme offer some pretty dope pants.  I consider their cuffed-pants range an essential for any streetwear enthusiast.

Grand Scheme is doing a sale at the moment, bringing most of their pants down below $100.  I should also mention that Laced stock Grand Scheme, so if you’re in Brisbane and need it in a hurry but don’t mind paying an extra $10 then that’s where you need to be.

My recommendation: Black Adapt Pant.  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, the flexibility of wearing them cuffed or relaxed is a great feature to have.

9. Portable USB Battery Bank

Now you may wonder why the hell is a USB battery bank a great gift idea to begin with.  Well if they’re busy ‘hypebeasting’ anything and everything online while they’re eating, while they’re on the bus, while they’re about to go to sleep, while they’re in the bathroom or pretty much all the time then the battery bank is the perfect present.  Last thing they want is to be on the checkout page and their phone dies.  Friends don’t let friends fail to cop!  I pretty much use a battery bank even when I’m at home, because it lets me move around the house with the phone in my hand.

Pretty much any general electronics store should have battery banks, like for instance JB Hi-Fi.

My recommended pick: Anything that’s 10000 mAh and above.  I know this will mean the battery bank will end up being the size of a brick but this will give them between 2 to 3 full charges of the phone, which saves them from having to constantly recharge.

10. UNIQLO UT Graphic T-Shirts

Now with multiple stores across Eastern Australia, UNIQLO’s UT t-shirts is something worth adding to the list.  With NIGO (founder of A Bathing Ape or better known as BAPE) as the brand’s creative director, the UNIQLO UT range has been involved in some big collaborations with major brands like Pharell’s ‘i am OTHER’, Schwinn and Star Wars.  You can see some of the designs have a bit of NIGO’s influence in them, which is probably why UNIQLO UT is getting more popular with people in the Japanese streetwear scene.

Check out the range in-store or on UNIQLO’s online shop.

My recommended pick: Brooklyn Machine Works out of the current season.  The online shop doesn’t seem to have the shirt I was looking for, but there’s some other pretty cool designs that are simple and straight forward at the stores in the Brooklyn Machine Works range.