It’s not often you get to meet some really cool people who put you in awe.  In Japan though there are many and during my trip there, I walked past some B-Boys (Break Dancers) outside exit 5 of the Fushimi Station in Nagoya.

That’s when I met Tak (at least I think that’s how it’s spelt), he told me he brings his own mixes every night between 9pm to 12am and these hip hop dancers will come gather using the shops’ glass as a mirror to practice.

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But exit 5 wasn’t just a training ground for break dancers, other styles of dancing also happen above the Fushimi train station.  Popping, locking and tutting are some of the forms you can find.  It was pretty cool to have found such an unorthodox environment to practice hip hop dancing in Japan.

It was also fascinating to find kids there learning how to dance from their sensei (teacher).  Seeing these guys teach the kids on the street late at night was worthy of the utmost respect.  Especially the parents, who are in full support of them learning what they are passionate about.

Tak, 30 years of age, has danced for over 15 years, about to get married, pop a few kids and still wishes to continue on competing in hip hop dance competitions.  Working as a train station staff at Nagoya station for his daily job, he comes here tireless every night to work on his break dancing game.  You might say that he’s living an ordinary life, but I say he’s doing it with an extraordinary mind.  For that I was inspired to continue on with working for everything that I love.  If you ever get a chance to visit Nagoya, it is definitely worth dropping by to see these guys having fun without a care in the world.