“You don’t have to be rich, to have class.” - Cash Berry

Photography by Michael Carroll   |  Video by Alter Ego Visuals

I often find purchasing a dress shirt can sometimes be difficult, and I’m sure many other fellas feel the same.  The style, the quality, the comfort and the price, to name a few, are factors that we normally get hung up on.  It always seems like you could never get the best of all worlds doesn’t it?  Well there’s a new brand of clothing that might just give you the balance between style, quality, comfort and price. And that brand is Brisbane-based ‘Cash Berry’.

Brisbane-raised Phi, recently started a line of clothing made of bamboo-infused yarn.  With recent trends in hemp clothing, I have a feeling Cash Berry’s “bamboo-made” shirts will become popular sooner than you think.  When I first heard of what Phi was doing, I knew I had to meet him and let people know of what his clothing line is about.

“I’ve always been a fan of men’s clothing.  There’s countless things you can possibly do with the way males dress and the thing about Cash Berry is that we specialise in bamboo material composition.”

For those who didn’t know, bamboo yarn is known to be super eco-friendly due to its resilient resistance to bacteria, resistance to pests and insects (no need for any harmful insecticide).  It is also due to its survivability in multiple climates and its crazy growth rate.  With today’s generation being more environmentally aware, bamboo is the way of the future.  In contrast to cotton, the bamboo-fibred clothing Cash Berry sells felt lighter and smoother.  I think these would make a great addition for white-collar lads that break a bucket full of sweat during Brisbane’s scorching summer!

“So why bamboo? There’s many different benefits of why bamboo is much better than cotton.  It’s better for the environment, it’s eco-friendly and it’s hypoallergenic, so it’s a bit less sensitive on the skin. It’s very breathable, light and has that silky feel so all round it’s just much better material composition.”

Kason--2Cash Berry uses some of the most pure materials to create clothing that is smooth to touch and comfortable to wear.  Phi truly believes that price shouldn’t be a factor in luxurious with further development in the closet coming up, bamboo clothing will be the pieces to wear.

“We got short sleeve bamboo dress shirts, tailored suit pants, short suit pants and bamboo boxers that I’m really excited about; they feel amazing!”

Being predominantly online-based, there are however two shops in QLD should you want to try them on yourself; they are Your Locals Club at West End and The Classic Future Fashion House at Surfers Paradise.

WATCH: Check out the full interview on video here!