"They like it, great! They don't? F**k Em'!" - DJ Yella

‘Straight Outta Compton’ was a smashing hit and probably still is in America, unfortunately for us down under we’re waiting for the September 3rd release (except for GEEDUP customers down at Sydney).  But before you go out and see the movie, you should hear what this group was all about if you have no idea who they were.

The whole interview, hosted by my favourite Kendrick Lamar, gives insight to what inspired them to do what they did.  It wasn’t about the money or the fame, it was about what they loved doing; period.  If there was one line to take away from this, it would be:

“Artist gotta’ do how they feel it.  They shouldn’t do it how they think they should do, they shouldn’t do it how they think the people want them to do.  They should do it how they feel it.  Go from there and you’ll always be happy and satisfied.” – Ice Cube @ 8:20

This line doesn’t just apply to music, it applies to everything we do.  Don’t be a slave to the system.  Just like our squad’s motto: Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Mind!