The design of the recently released Kendrick Lamar x Reebok “Neutral” Ventilators were driven by the Compton-born rapper’s mission.  The mission to unify the warring gangs Bloods and Crips by sending strong messages through his music and through these sneakers.  Jigga and G Weed, members of the infamous LA gangs sit down together to talk of the empowering vision Kendrick has delivered.  Check out the T.D.E. (Top Dawg Entertainment) video to hear them talk about it.

The off-white sneakers consists of two contrasting colours of Blood Red and Crips Blue with “Neutral” written on the inside of the tongue.  The sneakers feature rope shoe laces pairing the two colours together and the engraved texts “Blue” / “Red” symbolising the unification of the gangs.  Supported by classic gum soles and finished with the T.D.E. brand on the insoles and on the front of the tongue.

Images via Packer Shoes